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Fab Fashion Finder

I’ve only gone and stumbled upon a seriously amazing website… It happened quite accidentally whilst browsing my online shop of choice: ASOS, which is generally a daily occurence. However, where the ‘Beauty’ tab used to be, there’s a new ‘Outfits and Looks’ tab. Where did this come from? How did I not notice?! Why on earth did they not inform me of these changes?! – I like t0 consider myself.. Read More


Hello all, As you might know I’m quite getting into the spirit of vlogging. So I have started researching for potential cameras rather than low-quality Photobooth which I currently use. It’s kind of between a handycam like Sony’s Bloggie, a compact camera with HD filming e.g. Canon’s PowerShot SX30 IS, or a high end SLR such as Canon’s 60D. All of them have flip-out screens so would be quite well.. Read More

Screaming Mimi’s!

As promised I’m continuing to document my New York vintage shopping experience. This time it’s the FABULOUS Screaming Mimi’s which can also be found on the Lower East Side. I couldn’t help but love this place from the moment I walked in. I mean who doesn’t love being greeted by shoes? And I can’t help but mention the signed Manolo Blahniks they have on their site for $1800! Their selection.. Read More

Vintage on the Lower East Side

I’m a bit of a vintage junkie so I did my best to find vintage haunts in New York. My first stop was the Lower East Side, walking distance from where I was staying (how convenient!). I set my sights on Edith Machinist, I’d read and heard a lot about it and couldn’t wait to get my mitts on the some vintage goodies. Walking down the stairs everything looked so.. Read More

The Whistles Carrie Skirt is MINE!

O.M.G. I only went and bought myself THE Carrie skirt! I’d pretty much written it off, I’m MEANT to be saving for travelling, I’d never track it down in my size/the coral colour I wanted etc. It just wasn’t meant to be (the logic I like to use when something I really want cannot be had for one reason or another). But let me start from the beginning…. I decided.. Read More

The Harlequin Tea Room and Curios

I feel a shopping blog post is well overdue, so today I’ll be blogging about one of my favourite places in the whole world, The Harlequin Tea Room and Curios in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. It’s a bit of a trek from London, I know, but well worth it and you can visit the beautiful Cotswolds while you’re at it (and there are loads of great charity shops in the area too!)… Read More

Bring out the Ballerina…

Have you recovered after seeing The Black Swan yet? No, I’m not sure I have either! For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s an Oscar-nominated psychological thriller (verging on twisted horror), based on a ballerina’s rise to become Swan Queen in Swan Lake. The drama surrounding the costume design has been heavily discussed since the film’s Oscar nomination for best costume design. The use of costumes, by various.. Read More